BPO Services

In the age of SaaS and IaaS, we created BaaS (Business as a Service)!

What sets us apart from the usual Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

  • Specialisation in utilities: we are focused on the electricity and gas sales market
  • Service: you will entrust us with the management of your processes, but you will always have contact with our experts
  • Guarantee: the results will be guaranteed by Service Level Agreements (SLA) and monitored through Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Punctuality: you will always be given a way to contact us and get precise and timely answers
  • Continuous improvement: we optimise business processes, identifying areas for improvement and service development

By delegating the management of your processes to us, you can:

  • reduce operational activities
  • delegate organisational management
  • reduce costs
  • constantly monitor activities and indicators
  • benefit from updated processes

How do we do it (what is the backbone of the process)?

  • Input – audit session in which the elements necessary to conduct the activity are described with input information details (type of data, method, structure, channel, frequency)
  • Output – audit session in which the business is asked what should be displayed and what metrics should be measured in the service
  • Blackbox – based on the declared input/output, the internal company process is engineered according to the established purpose