Software Solutions

We conceive, design and implement proprietary and vertical software solutions for Energy & Utilities sales companies.

We create innovative software dedicated to utilities, designed to manage their processes and provide advanced features that they can use to help achieve their business objectives and improve performance and business KPIs.

We carry out projects to integrate our solutions into the application maps of the major electricity and natural gas players.

We manage the software operation phase, ensuring it is maintained, developed and customised, and constantly updated to reflect industry regulations (ARERA, Single Buyer) and market changes.

Our software solutions are available in Software as a Service (SaaS) with Cloud architecture, or On Premises (customer infrastructure).

All the solutions we design and implement are based on quality, specialisation and innovation principles, which are reflected in distinctive features:

  • automation: thanks to scheduling capabilities and workflow-based automation, user operations are significantly reduced, with users guided through process management and monitoring
  • ergonomics: the user interfaces of our solutions are simple, and allow intuitive and safe access to information
  • user experience: our software is designed to support business through the operations and features it provides
  • utilities: our solutions are specially designed for electricity and gas sales companies
  • integration: thanks to major long-term investments in the research and development of our solutions, we can ensure easy integration into our customers’ application map
  • volumes and performance: thanks to cutting-edge technologies and proprietary algorithms, our software can manage the data of more than 16 million end customers with excellent performance
  • quality: care is a value reflected in both our staff and our software

Our solutions