Acuphi – Processes

Services in the energy & utilities market

Energy & utilities sales companies may have to manage multiple processes during the contractual relationship with the end customer, from its acquisition through activation or switch-in, to termination or switch-out, through contractual changes, verification services and technical variation, suspension, reactivation and termination for arrears.

Conducting these processes, through services provided by the distribution company, requires interaction between the sales and distribution companies, through the exchange of flows with specific channels and methods.

Workflows for switching, connection, contract changes and arrears processes

Through customisable workflows, the Acuphi Process module allows you to manage, fully automatically, semi-automatically or manually, the evolution of all phases of the processes.

The Acuphi Process module enables you to control all the services, generally regulated by ARERA, for electricity and natural gas.

Users can monitor and follow the exchange of information between the sales company and distributors and be certain that they are complying with the deadlines specified by the regulations and provided for in commercial agreements with customers.

The Acuphi Process module manages the following processes:

  • switching (switch-in and switch-out)
  • connection and contractual changes (activation, cancellation, transfer, taking over, quotes, works, etc.)
  • arrears (suspension, reactivation, administrative termination, etc.)
  • technical data checks and changes

Regulation, customisation, automation and control of your processes

The Acuphi Process module allows you to:

  • comply with legislation
  • be flexible with regard to counterparties’ specific features
  • customise flow management
  • automate many phases in the process
  • monitor process development
  • receive and display information to all internal applications in a uniform manner

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