Acuphi – Spider

The maze of information exchanged between sales and distribution in utilities

Energy & utilities sales and distribution companies exchange information through various flows, layouts and channels, which requires different access and use procedures for recovery.

Sales companies have to manage fragmented and costly communication in terms of the manual and automated activities required of operators to exchange the following information:

  • technical data from the Official Central Register (RCU) for power, and the Gas Settlement Integrated Text (TISG) for gas
  • measures (resolutions 65/2012/R/eel, 117/2015/R/gas)
  • payable invoices (transport, connection, distribution, works, etc.)
  • processes (performances)

The managers of Metering and Distributor Management must consider the continuous evolution of communication channels, such as flow standardisation and centralisation towards the Integrated Information System (IIS).

Automate the retrieval of flows from the IIS, Nextcloud, web portals, mail and certified email

Acuphi's Spider module automates the exchange of communications (reception and transmission) with Distributors, the IIS and the Network Manager through the following channels:

  • application to application (i.e.: IIS)
  • automatic navigation of web portals
  • cloud synchronisation (e.g.: Nextcloud)
  • mail or certified email
  • manual

The module functions are:

  • automatic retrieval of information through scheduling, with customisable frequency
  • recognition of duplicate files, using the file name and its digital fingerprint (SHA)
  • centralisation on a single repository of the recovered flows and distribution to the other modules of Acuphi or other company systems

The Acuphi Spider module is constantly updated in accordance with:

  • the updating of ARERA regulations and the technical specifications of the Single Buyer
  • the introduction of new standard channels introduced by the regulatory framework
  • the changes that distributors make to customised portals or emails

A centralised dashboard to manage all your flows

Acuphi's Spiders enable you to:

  • use a dashboard that provides a unified view of all the flows exchanged between sales and distribution
  • automate the flow recovery and transmission phases, significantly reducing operators’ manual activities
  • optimise the operational activities schedule, which can also be set outside working hours
  • reduce human error and monitor technical errors
  • increase the frequency of information retrieval from distributors
  • reduce the time from publication of the information to its use by the sales company
  • comply with the changes made by the distributors, ARERA and Single Buyer

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