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Acusim – Indemnity System

Indemnity System for Electricity and Gas

The Indemnity System is a process regulated by ARERA (Resolutions ARG/elt 191/09, ARG/elt 219/10, 593/2017/R/com) and managed by the Single Buyer through the Integrated Information System (IIS) in order to guarantee compensation to electricity and gas sales operators, if there are defaulting customers who switched out or terminated their contract.

The purpose of the Indemnity System is to protect the supplier if a defaulting customer decides to terminate their contractual relationship without having settled their debt (so-called "energy tourism"). This protection is exercised by ensuring the creditor-operator can claim against the customer through their current supplier for a portion of the receivables accrued, charged through the application of the CMOR (defaulting customer) fee.

The solution dedicated to CMOR management, for outgoing and incoming users

Acusim is the software solution for managing the entire Indemnity System process for the commodities of electricity and gas (updated to Resolution 593/2017/R/com).

Acusim manages the entire CMOR calculation process, interfacing autonomously with the IIS for the exchange of regulated flows with distributors and integrating with the credit, accounting, billing and CRM applications of energy & utilities sales companies’ application maps. It also makes it possible to protect an incoming operator by managing the suspension and cancellation of claims process.

Acusim provides two dashboards dedicated to the Outgoing User (OU) and the Incoming User (IU), governed by workflows structured according to the processes required by the regulations. This can evolve automatically and choose which status changes require operator authorisation.

The Outgoing User is guaranteed:

  • identification of potential claims (CMOR)
  • calculation of the maximum amount that may be claimed, in compliance with regulatory constraints
  • automatic loading and retrieval of flows shared with the IIS
  • evolution of the process status and related monitoring
  • acquisition and reconciliation of feedback from the CSEA (Energy and Environmental Services Fund)
  • cancellation management

The Incoming User is guaranteed:

  • verification of the indemnities reported by the Manager and the related communication of debits to the invoicing system
  • the management of any request for cancellation received by the Manager at the Outgoing User’s request
  • the identification of the claims for which the suspension or cancellation process may be initiated and the management of communication flows with the Manager

Acusim allows the entire Indemnity System process to be viewed in a single dashboard, and includes the following reporting functions:• summary reports to monitor the progress of requests and KPIs at each stage of the process

  • analytical reports to verify the detailed data of each file
  • reports for reporting as specified by ARERA regulations

A single dashboard to control and manage compensation for arrears

Acusim, our Indemnity System management solution enables you to:

  • gain a unique and centralised view of the process within a dashboard
  • comply with the regulations
  • comply with regulation deadlines and provide all the reports requested by the authority
  • manage the process automatically, reducing the user's workload
  • verify and manage every file and compensation, in detail and on time
  • configure and customise every aspect of your process
  • check for technical, formal or semantic differences
  • choose between the following forms of service: On Premises or SaaS
  • trace and justify all status changes with reference to the specific documentation

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