Billing Services

Efficient invoicing for gas and electricity

The Billing Managers of the electricity and gas sales companies are responsible for issuing bills based on established billing cycles and for managing balancing or special-case invoicing. The planning and control activity for issuing bills uses up a large part of Billing office resources, leaving little room for the development of processes and strategies.

Post-billing activities (issuing bills and sending data for formatting, printing and delivery) involve operational activities that require continuous attention and maintenance.

No more worries about issuing bills

We provide turn-key services to Billing Managers for the independent management of invoicing and post-invoicing processes for gas and electricity commodities. We take on the invoicing processes, guaranteeing their continuity and monitoring, managing related priorities, timing and respecting the agreed SLAs, to comply with:

  • billing time schedules for the various customer segments
  • agreed times for the issuing, formatting and sending of print layouts, in order to guarantee delivery by the due date
  • management of work queues for off-cycle invoicing

As part of the service, we:

  • carry out all routine operations aimed at calculating, issuing and sending bills to formatters, printers and shippers
  • analyse process deviations and incidents
  • offer corrective measures to other company areas, IT departments or the suppliers involved
  • automate invoicing controls to prevent incorrect billing
  • provide activity reporting, including an indication of SLA compliance and periodic project review meeting

The service can be adapted according to the customer's features and the IT systems available.

Experts at your service - efficiency and quality in your invoices

By outsourcing your billing processes, you can:

  • entrust an expert team of processes and technologies with the identification and addressing of problems that may emerge in the process
  • reduce costs through the efficiency of our highly specialised resources
  • ensure excellent quality of the bills issued, thanks to automatic control activities
  • reduce the operating load and dedicate more of your time to strategic decisions
  • reduce the management of organisational aspects

Some significant results achieved by ACUS customers

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Invoices managed in one year
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Automation of formal and content checks for printed batches
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Billing batches managed within a day of the issue date

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