Customised Reporting

So many reports and you don’t know how to use them?

Electricity and gas sales companies need to have reports that provide an overview of all business processes, but they often involve a large number of applications and related reports.

In the Billing area, one of the main difficulties is to have control reports of the entire turnover or conversely customised reports. Some of the reports we create allow, for example:

  • Key Account Managers (KAMs) to meet the needs of customers who require custom views of their bills
  • Billing Managers to check invoices before issuing bills
  • IT Operations to have a dashboard that monitors billing

In contrast, Metering requires reports that provide an overview of measurement management during the acquisition and validation phases. In the area of credit, there is a need to monitor the processes to appoint debt collection agencies and to have reports to manage the ageing of collections and reminders.

Do you need utility process monitoring reports?

We collect the specific requirements of Billing, Metering and Credit Managers, and recommend the processes to be monitored.

Once the reporting objectives have been identified, we analyse the available data and define a model that reflects the energy & utilities sales companies’ business reality. Data collected can be used in line with users' expectations.

The archived and standardised data is made available to the user both in analytical form and as customised reports: the user can configure and generate reports, and has a high degree of extreme flexibility in filtering, aggregating and presenting information.

Customisation is the key to reading your reports

With our flexible and high-performance reports, you will have:

  • the possibility to customise reports and filters easily
  • a unique overview of business processes
  • the ability to identify problems on source systems, with an aggregated view of the information

Some significant results achieved by ACUS customers

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Useful configurations for customising reports

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