KPI & Monitoring

Process KPIs for utilities metering, billing and credit

To monitor the performance of their areas, energy & utilities sales companies need to control both operational and process KPIs.

Within the Operations area, it is essential to maintain control of the meter-to-cash chain (on metering, billing, post-billing and credit processes), monitoring business performance and providing quality measurements of the service provided to end customers.

Managers must have a periodic overview of the final results of process KPIs in order to guide tactical and strategic actions, and conduct preventive monitoring, aimed at implementing short-term actions, to reduce inefficiencies to end customers. For example, in the post-billing chain, observing formatting, printing and delivery times is essential to ensuring that bills are delivered in time for payment by the due date.

Not only final KPIs, but preventive alerts

The KPI & Monitoring service gives Metering, Billing and Credit Managers a complete overview of processes, for prevention purposes and for internal reporting supporting strategic decisions.

The service includes:

  • acquisition, standardisation and processing of process data
  • the preparation of process KPIs, specifically designed for utilities and customisable according to requirements
  • an Alert system, which allows real-time visualisation of unexpected behaviours, in order to take a proactive approach and prevent possible service disruptions
  • the presentation of processed data (KPIs and Alerts) in aggregate and analytical form, highlighting the historical trend of each indicator
  • Suggest algorithms, able to analyse large amounts of data and recommend corrective measures and data remediation through self-learning

For the post-billing process, the service includes:

  • KPIs relating to the time between the issue of the bill and the postal or electronic delivery
  • granularity per delivery zone, post code, mailing solution, commodity, delivery channel (electronic or paper), etc.
  • alerts to detect delivery delays
  • reporting delivery failures
  • suggest used to provide corrections to incorrect email or postal addresses

Customised dashboards and indicators to increase customer satisfaction

Thanks to our KPI & Monitoring service, you can:

  • create a management-level report to show the developments within your area or potential critical issues on which you need to work
  • have customised indicators for your organisation
  • have detailed reporting able to provide all useful information to your back office, including for individual bills
  • prevent undesirable effects from process faults
  • increase customer satisfaction thanks to the Alert system
  • improve data quality, thanks to Suggest algorithms
  • reduce costs, for example by streamlining the management of delivery failures

Some significant results achieved by ACUS customers

Indicators designed for formatting, printing, delivery and dynamic billing processes
0 check-point
Preventive controls along the post-billing process chain
0 addresses
Monthly corrections of postal and email addresses

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