Metering Consulting

The importance of gas and electricity measurement data: from self-reading to smart meters and 2G

The collection of measurements and validation of electricity and gas consumption data plays a key role in the Operation processes of energy & utilities sales companies:

  • the retrieval of actual measurement data is increasingly important to avoid "maxi balancing payments", especially in light of the 2018 budget law and ARERA Resolution 97/2018/R/com, which provide for the reduction of time-barring periods
  • the introduction of Gas Smart Meter and 2G meters for electricity requires the timely management of meter replacements and the ability to manage a greater amount of data
  • the collection of customer self-readings and distributor-recorded readings, together with estimated consumption based on historical data, boost customer satisfaction and reduce complaints and requests for adjustments

Process consulting for meter readings, consumption and technical data

We support the Metering Managers of energy & utilities sales companies by optimising and monitoring their processes through:

  • context analysis, identifying critical processes and recurrent cases that need to be made more efficient
  • the definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to performance and the setting up of a monitoring system
  • we highlight areas for improvement and suggest remedial actions
  • we implement process development and monitor that results are in line with expectations

We work with Metering teams to provide consulting and operational support for back office tasks, such as:

  • acquisition, validation and correction of measurement data, for self-readings and for cycle and process readings from distributors
  • recording of meter replacements
  • checks and variations of MPAN/MPRN technical and measurement data, managing the reports from the front or other back office areas and addressing any checks to distributors

Optimisation of the meter-to-cash starts from the measurements

Through our support in the Metering area, you can:

  • re-engineer processes and control their development
  • make meter-to-cash more efficient, reducing the time between publication of the data by the distributor and the use of certified consumption in invoicing
  • reduce backlogs related to reading deviations in the acquisition and validation phase, also thanks to task force activities with specific objectives
  • reduce invoices on account, thanks to the higher quality and availability of actual measurement data

Some significant results achieved by ACUS customers

0 %
Reduction of back-office reporting backlogs in 5 months
0 M
Cubic metres of gas invoiced thanks to the recovery of measurements on periods invoiced on account
0 %
Reduction of deviations during acquisition of readings from Distributors

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