Work with us

We are looking for non-curricula based talent. People with a passion for the digital world, professionals who, regardless of their seniority, have the curiosity and desire to be in the front line and invest in their professional future, bringing motivation, responsibility, commitment and ideas.


Are you a recent graduate?

Are you a recent graduate?

Are you choosing your path? Are you tired of the usual ads?

We believe that your value lies in the curiosity, motivation and potential that you can bring – the rest we can build together.

Do you have a senior profile?

Do you have a senior profile?

Do you want to discover the pleasure of working in a company that places the utmost importance in the process skills that you have developed, combined with a good technical background? Well, opportunities are not limited to a job description.


A solid, inspiring and growing company.

A fertile ground for your ideas to flourish.

Acus - Team working in the spaces of Copernico Torino

What will my role be?

It’s more important for us to talk about people than roles,

about goals rather than activities,

about ambitions instead of points of arrival.

How is the work environment

A united and cohesive group, which was formed day by day, working side-by-side in projects with a high intellectual content.

We are ready for change and we always aim for innovation.

This is the work environment we like, in which we believe and that we can offer.